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Helping you to take your invention from a first sketch to the finished product.

We provide product development consultancy services to inventors, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Offering an end-to-end service, from initial idea through to final prototype, licencing, marketing and onward into production.

Our Core Services

Product Design and Engineering Development - it's everything we do, read on below

Design Inquisition - an impartial 'fresh pair of eyes' review of your current product range

UnBox-ReBox - refresh your existing product with a new case or housing

One-Offs - special purpose machines, test rigs and unique designs

QuickShot - photorealistic images and video for market testing and evaluation

Technical Authoring - design and production of manuals, training and tutorial materials

Discover 3D Printing - 15 years of hands-on experience available for your first project

Legacy Conversion - original drawings and blueprints converted to 3D CAD

What's beyond the idea?

So, you've had a great idea for a new product. But what will it actually look like, how will it function, and how will it be manufactured? These are just some of the core engineering questions that form part of the product development process. A process that Ideas Realised can assist you with every step of the way, from initial idea through to finished product.

Our approach is always flexible and collaborative. We offer a range of business models to suit all requirements - from basic hourly rated tasks, through to long term engagements, where up-front costs are reduced in exchange for shared future benefits.

You can also pick and mix from our services to support your in-house team. As our client you'll have as little or as much interaction as you need or want. From full engagement, to see your idea safely delivered, down to minimal contact when outsourcing basic CAD support services. As the client, it's always your call.

To get you started we offer a free initial one hour consultation session that will enable you to set out your ideas and receive realistic and informed feedback and advice.

For your peace of mind, we will only talk to you about your idea once we’ve provided you with a signed, industry-standard, non-disclosure agreement (NDA). You should always insist upon an NDA whenever you want to discuss your idea with anyone – even friends and family!

Product Development - Our services and the design process

As a new inventor, the route from idea to finished product can seem daunting, surprisingly lengthy, and potentially very expensive. With the right advice and sensible direction, the road becomes very much easier to navigate.

The design process itself is also much more than just pretty pictures of a concept. It is robust engineering, thoughtfully applied to ensure your original idea is captured and realised as a fully functional, cost-effective, and marketable product. Around this engineering core are layers of essential support activity, all of which we can advise and assist with.

The following service steps offer an outline of a typical project flow, but we will use our experience to ensure you get the correct level of support and advice at every stage of the process.

From your original idea...

  • Free initial consultation and appraisal
  • A confidential sounding board for your idea
  • Support and assistance with background research
  • Project specification and briefing documentation
  • Ideas generation and development
  • Concept design, sketch modelling and product visualisation
  • Detail design and engineering development
  • CAD modelling and analysis (3D/2D/FEA)
  • Design for manufacture and cost effective production
  • Photo-realistic rendering and Product Marketing material
  • Patenting and Design Right protection
  • Prototypes for functional testing and market evaluation
  • Fund raising - including crowdfunding and alternative investment options
  • Downstream networking and support for manufacture, licensing and sales

  • ... to the finished product. Fully and professionally realised.


    Click the images below to see a small selection of projects undertaken over the past few years.

    realise your ideas realize your idea realizing ideas realising ideas


    We use industry standard, professional 3D CAD and rendering software to deliver all our projects.

    realise your ideas realize your idea Keyshot

    About us

    The company was established by Mike Felstead in 2010. Mike has extensive engineering experience and product development skills, gained from working on a diverse range of projects, from tiny medical devices to wind turbines:

  • Chartered Mechanical Engineer (CEng, MIMechE)
  • European Engineer (Eur Ing)
  • 20 years of commercial product development experience
  • Over 200 client consultations carried out
  • A career Mechanical Engineer since 1987
  • Skilled 3D CAD operator – SolidWorks (from 1997), Rhino3D (from 1999)
  • Certified SolidWorks Associate
  • Extensive experience of major manufacturing techniques
  • In depth knowledge of 3D printing and advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Strongly networked to manufacturers, engineers, lawyers, and other project support professionals

  • Find out more about Mike on LinkedIn...


    To learn more about how we can you turn your idea into reality, please telephone or email.

    Remember, your idea is your own, please do ask questions about our services, but always ask for a signed NDA before talking about your idea in any detail. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Telephone: 0757 22 000 11

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